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Bournemouth, Route 1

Gillam RdEOR right
Western AveEOR left
East Howe LaneRight
Brook RdEOR left
Kinson Rd4th left
Kinqswell RdMANOEUVRE to turn
 EOR right
Kinqswell RdEOR left
Kinson Rd2 x mini roundabout ahead
 Roundabout right
Wallisdown RdRoundabout left
Ringwood RdRoundabout ahead
Ringwood Rd2nd left
Alderney AveMANOEUVRE to turn
 EOR left
Ringwood Rd2 x mini roundabout right
Mannings Heath RdLeft
Ling RdRoundabout right 3rd exit
Yarrow RdRoundabout ahead
Yarrow RdRoundabout right 3rd exit
Canford WayRoundabout left
Ringwood RdRoundabout ahead
 Roundabout right
Poole Lane2nd right
Turbary Park AveMini roundabout left
 Mini roundabout ahead
Kinson Rd4th right
East Howe Lane4th right
Western Ave2nd left
Gillam RdRight
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