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Bournemouth, Route 7

Gillam RdEOR right
Western AveEOR left
East Howe LaneLeft
Howeth RdEOR right
Kingswell RdMANOEUVRE to turn
 EOR right
Kingswell RdLeft
Ibbett RdTURN
 EOR right
Kingswell RdEOR left
Kinson Rd2 x roundabout ahead
 Roundabout right
Wallisdown RdRoundabout left
Ringwood RdRoundabout ahead
 Mini roundabout left
Herbert AveT/L left
Alder Rd2 x roundabout ahead, 2nd exit
Kinson Rd2 x roundabout ahead
 4th right
East Howe Lane4th right
Western AveLeft
Gillam RdRight
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